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Satisfied Customers

Where do I begin?!! As a first-time writer, all I had was a manuscript and passion to be a voice and light to grieving mothers all over the world. The Arrow Press team brought this entire vision to life!

I am most impressed with their professionalism, turnaround time, and attention to creative detail. 

When I felt stuck, when I had questions, and when I even felt discouraged, I would reach out and get the advice and encouragement I needed every single time. It was easy to trust them with this baby. I prayed for very specific needs at the beginning of my publishing journey. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and knew I needed God’s covering and guidance. Arrow Press Publishing was an answer to that very specific prayer! I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed with their service to me. 


To Tim and the team, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU! 

Hilari Seagears


The Power of Weakness

From the moment I recieved confirmation from the Holy Spirit that it was time to write my story, a divine connection with Arrow Press was at hand and it would not be long before the process would begin. Why? Because Arrow Press was approachable, personable, and professional.  Arrow Press was diligent and kind with their services and dedication to excellence. They exemplified the love and peace a strenuous project such as a written memoir and testimony can be. Though many can say that this process can be daunting, Arrow Press consistently communicated the progress, and constructive feedback making this a favorable and graceful journey. If I had to do it again, I would feel the weight lifted because it is has been a thorough learning experience that will equip both new and veteran writers with keys that break through book writing stigmas. 

Joanette Rodriguez



I discovered Arrow Press Publishing while scrolling through Instagram in the spring of 2022. Reaching out to them, I found their team to be incredibly kind and generous. Their editorial and design teams are outstanding, and I am extremely pleased with the entire process. Arrow Press Publishing exceeded all my expectations.

Jonathan Matei


Brave for Freedom

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