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About Us

Why Arrow Press

Arrow Press is committed to providing a premier publishing experience to 20 Christian authors per year by 2025, because every author deserves excellence when communicating the Kingdom.

Throughout the scriptures God spoke to normal, everyday people and instilled within them a message of hope. He used obscure fishermen and rejected tax collectors to proclaim good news. You don't have to be famous to be creative, imaginative, and inspired. 


The business of publishing can get in the way of your calling. We want to be the solution.


Arrow Press is committed to an editorial standard that aligns with scripture.


We will not publish any work we feel compromises that standard. We are committed upholding God’s Word in a desire to impact the world through Jesus Christ,

It's not just about you. It's about what you leave behind. It's about the lives you impact and the legacy you leave.


Your book isn't just for you. It's not just something to check off the bucket list. It's part of your calling.

We help authors experience their dream manifested for the world to discover.

Image by Szilvia Basso



Image by Jason Rosewell


We believe you don't have to be famous, have a public speaking platform, or be wealthy for God to speak to you. 

You are the testimony. Your life is the proclamation of His goodness. You have something to say. We want to help you get it out.

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