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When Should You Write?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Sometimes the difference between a published author and an occasional blogger is simply discipline. Blogging is great. It helps you hone your craft and invites feedback. You have immediate access to your blog post's impact based on how many views, shares, and likes it attracts.

One day I asked Dr. Mark Rutland how he was able to write so many books and still do so many other impactful things. His response was simple, and upon hearing it, I felt dumb for even asking. He said, "I write all the time. I write in the airport, on an airplane and throughout the day. You've just got to keep writing."

Many of you have a book inside of you. Sure, you can continue to throw out the random social media post or blog entry when the mood hits, or you can schedule a time every single week when you intentionally put pen to pad (or fingers to keyboard), and hone your craft. Writing is as much a discipline as it is a joy.

So, when should you write? Always. Just. Keep. Writing.

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