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The Pro Package includes the bookseller return program, a benefit to any who seek to see their books on a retail shelf. It offers the luxury of a hardcover, paperback, and Ebook options and is perfect for any author who wants to provide an excellent experience for their readers. 

The Pro Package Includes:

  • Copyright

  • ISBN & Barcode

  • Library of Congress Control Number

  • Copy, Line, & Developmental Editing

  • Editorial Assessment

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • Soft Cover Format

  • Hard Cover Format

  • Ebook Format

  • Free Paperback Copies: 20 Copies

  • Free Hard Cover copies: 5 Copies

  • Book Cover & Interior Design

  • 3 Social Media Promotional Graphics

  • 100 Business Cards

  • 100 Postcards

  • 10 Images

  • Book Sellers Return 

  • Amazon "Look Inside" Preview

  • Barnes and Noble "Read Instantly"

  • Metadata Optimization

  • Complimentary Author Copy

  • Personal Author Support

  • On-Demand Printing

  • Retain Rights to Manuscript, Materials, and Promotional Items

  • Collaborative Control of Book Designs and Interior Content Formatting



Image by Markus Winkler
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